A short glimpse at "Edgy"

Recently I couldn’t resist (those voices in my head told me to…) and give Kubuntu’s Edgy a try. I downloaded the “desktop install” iso for amd64 ignoring the known bug which said that the desktop installer “ubiquity” cannot reuse an existing root partition. I couldn’t believe such thing because in Dapper it worked well. OK, this annoying bug does exist… Very disappointing! So, I downloaded the “alternate install” iso and gave it another try. Installation went smoothly but then another bug: logging in and out of KDE makes all mounted partitions under /media disappear. You have to sudo mount -a to get them back mounted.

Trying to install Klamav, a Qt-interface for clamav, resulted in dpkg-configuration errors which could - unlike in Dapper - not be resolved by just installing any other package afterwards.
Another odd thing is that by default you can’t see the / filesystem in Konqueror with the exception of your home-directory of course and /media (if partitions are still mounted…). Maybe that’s considered a “feature” and there is a possibility to disable this behavior but I will not try finding out. I’m very disappointed with that release of (K)Ubuntu and hope they’ll get it fixed soon. In my opinion those two are grave bugs and shouldn’t make it to a final release. I’m going to stay with SUSE and see what openSUSE 10.2 will bring…

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