Android without Google (Part 1: Installing CalyxOS)

For a couple of years already I like to get rid of Google on my Android powered smartphone. Though I think that technically Google’s services cannot be outmatched: they just work, are easy to use and from what I understand pretty secure, they’re not really coming for “free”: you will “pay” with your data. Unfortunately …

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Mobile messenger apps

The thing about trust is it’s a very individual matter. For example I do trust Google (to a certain degree), however I do not trust WhatsApp or even less Facebook. There might be no logic in this, but fact is I always disliked that the latter had a copy of my address book whereas I …

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HTC Desire

Since about 3/4 of a year now I’m the proud owner of an Android powered smartphone: I decided to go with HTC’s Desire which is kind of a rebuilt of Google’s Nexus One (which was also manufactured by HTC). It’s been a while since it’s first appearance so naturally there are already newer phones available …

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