BIOS “F8” for GA-M55S-S3 :-(

Gigabyte released a new BIOS for their GA-M55S3 motherboard and I couldn’t resist updating. To make it short: if you’re running Linux, don’t… After updating Linux will boot only with “noapic” as kernel option – again. I guess only BIOS version “F6” doesn’t have this error (see this post). I skipped version “F7” so I …

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BIOS “F6” for GA-M55S-S3

Already available since March 20th, I just recently decided to update my Gigabyte motherboard “GA-M55S-S3 (rev 1.0)” with the latest BIOS, which is by the time of writing version “F6”. And – HURRAY, HURRAY – I don’t need to boot Linux with the “noapic” kernel option anymore!! The guys from Gigabyte finally fixed it! So, …

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Ubuntu it is – again

So, I went for Ubuntu Edgy. Fedora Core 6 gave me some hard times updating because yum couldn’t resolve some dependencies – I never had this kind of trouble with Debian’s apt. My former experience with Kubuntu Edgy taught me to download the “alternate” install-CD right away. The installation is pretty much the same as …

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